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EE Cookies - EE Add-on

Want a Cookie? Nom Nom Nom.

EE Cookies

This plugin sets and retrieves cookie values with a tag rather than php scripting.


  1. EE 2: Add the folder /cookies/ to your ./system/expressionengine/third_party/ folder.
  2. EE 1.6: Add the file pi.cookies.php to your ./system/plugins/ folder.


The cookie setter tag. Use it in combination with the parameters below to set and modify cookies. It require all three of the parameters below to be set.
This is the getter tag, it can retreave the value of a cookie. It's always used in combination with the name parameter.


name=" "
Set the name of the cookie name="cookie_name"
value=" "
The value of the cookie being set value="the value to set"
seconds=" "
How many seconds would you like the cookie to last for? seconds="3600"


The following sets a cookie named mycookie with the value "EE rules!". The cookie will last for 1 hour (3600 seconds). Set the seconds to zero to set a cookie that does not expire.

{exp:cookie:store name="mycookie" value="EE rules!" seconds = "3600"}

To retrieve a cookie:

{exp:cookie:retrieve name="mycookie"}

This 1.6.x version of this plug in was originally developed by Eric Snyder