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About - Philip Zaengle

Everything you didn't want to know

Working with me

People choose to work with me because I'm passionate about what I do. My job is also my hobby — it's not just something I do from 8 to 5 on weekdays. I take pride in providing the best possible solutions to everyday web problems.

Me (The Personal Details)

My name is Philip Zaengle, and I'm a web developer / designer in Southwest Florida. I'm an inconsistent vegetarian, a sporadic scuba diver, faithful husband, libertarian, and iPhone owner. I have a beautiful wife (Amanda) who makes living a joy and brings balance to my life.


I happen to have a really good friend named Jesus who taught me what it means to love and to live a life of meaning (still learning that last part). I'm not one who believes in shoving views down others' throats, but I am more then happy to share if asked.

My Setup

My primary system is a 15" [HD anti-glare] MacBook Pro i7, with 4 Gigs of RAM and a 1 Terabyte Hard-drive. It comes with me most places.

On my MacBook Pro, my primary operating system is Mac OSX. However, I also run Google Chrome OS, Ubuntu via Parallels 5, and several versions of the dreaded Microsoft Windows. This enables me to go all the way back to Internet Explorer 6 for testing purposes, and then play a mean game of Free-cell.

The majority of my days are spent flipping back and forth between Chrome, Coda, Textmate, CSSEdit, Photoshop and the terminal.


Part of being a web junky is keeping up to date on the latest and greatest technologies available on the interwebs. These are constantly changing, which is part of what I love about the web. It's crazy that something I would have thought impossible 5 years ago is now something I do everyday.

Front End Markup

I've been developing the front end of the web since I was 13, when my family had a dial up connection on AOL (oh the horror!). I've seen the transition from HTML4 to XHTML, then back to HTML4 and now on to the promising HTML5.


Similar to frontend markup, I've been writing Javascript for a while. But only in the past few years have I really been able to enjoy JS development, thanks to the help of jQuery. jQuery allows me to write functionality in mere minutes — something that used to take hours to complete.


ExpressionEngine is one of my true passions, and it's probably my favorite development tool. I love how I can single-handedly accomplish in a matter of days something that used to take months for teams of developers. ElisLabs has proven the pure flexibility of EE through their years of development and fantastic support.


With the launch of ExpressionEngine 2.0, every EE project not only has the power of EE, but it also has the full CodeIgniter framework. Anytime I find something that EE can't handle, there's always CodeIgniter to the rescue. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, as long as it's Object Oriented.

User Interface Design

I'm very visual; it bothers me when things don't line up. While I do see incredible value in design as a purely aesthetic art form, I believe that in web design, form follows function.